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I would like to add additional service in 2019 to my existing service contract. I understand that this will be at additional costs.

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Terms and Conditions

*All work will be completed to Industry Standards & in a Professional Manner.

*Maryland Law:
Requires us to notify each client of Senate Bill # 145 (2000). All overdue accounts will be charged a $10.00 per month or 10% of total invoice (whichever is greater). This late fee will be charged to each overdue account up to three consecutive months (90 Days). After ninety (90) days the outstanding balance shall carry interest in the amount of 1 & 1/2% (1.50%) per month. In the event Grosh's Lawn Service initiates a legal proceeding to collect any sums due, the customer/client will pay and agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees & court costs for such proceeding. Payment in full is due the day the landscape work is completed. Lawn Mowing Price is good for 30 days. Lawn Repair, Lawn Treatment and Landscaping Estimates are good for 30 days only or must be signed and accepted within 29 days only. Payment is due on or before the 15th of the month following service for lawn mowing and lawn treatments.

Please sign below and return to We must have a signed copy per Maryland Law. Acceptance of this estimate / proposal is certification that you are authorized to enter into a binding agreement for services to be performed at the above mentioned job site/address.

*Credit Card Payments:
Grosh’s Lawn Service accepts Visa and Master Cards for the convenience and ease to our valued clients and for prompt payment of all services and invoices. A 4% charge will be added to clients invoice if clients elects to pay with credit card on all or any overdue invoices (30 days) + late fees to all overdue (30 days) accounts (see above Maryland Law in Bold)

*Payment By Check:
$35.00 fee for returned check for any reason + Bank Fees.

Going Green! To help control our costs and overhead needed to print and send invoices Grosh’s Lawn Service requests an active email address if at all possible. It is clients responsibility to notify Grosh’s Lawn Service of new email address if the email on account changes.

*Paper Invoicing & Postage:
Grosh's Lawn Service offers free paper invoicing and postage on first copy of invoice(s) each month. Each additional copy and postage will be added to invoice(s) to recover costs associated at the rate of $5.00 (2019) per mailing each and every time that clients requests additional mailings due to no fault of Grosh's Lawn Service or for collections of unpaid and overdue invoices. Grosh's Lawn Service will gladly send additional invoice(s) for free by e-mail upon request. All mailing for Certified Mail with Return Receipt is an additional $10.00 per mailing / per invoice / per month. We will not remove the cost of these charges from the amount of any invoice as you elected not to pay the invoice(s) per accepted agreement in a timely manner in the 30 days due.

All invoicing questions or concerns must be addressed in the first 48 hours of receiving invoice(s).

*Pet Waste:
You would think we would not have to ask! Please have your lawn free of all pet waste before mowing. All excessive pet waste will be invoiced to clients account ($8.00 per week) due to pet waste being a safety hazard to our staff. String trimmers will hit pet waste while string trimming sidewalks, curbs and objects in lawn, mower and staff boots will drag pet waste onto sidewalks, driveways and streets requiring more time for clean up after mowing.

Grosh's Lawn Service carries proper business insurance, property liability, automobile insurance, equipment insurance, trailer insurance, an umbrella policy, workers comp. policy to cover all aspects of our business and our clients.

*Late Payment:
Effective December 1, 2016 all accounts 60 days overdue will be moved to pre-payment for all services until account is paid in full and in good standing. Client will have one (1) 60 day overdue payment issue per calendar year. If more than one (1) 60 day overdue client will be pre-payment for the rest on the year after second (2) 60 days overdue account.

Grosh's Lawn Service guarantees ALL of our work, period! In the unlikely event that we screw up, we're going to go above and beyond to make things right. I stake my name, Tom Grosh, and the Grosh's Lawn Service Family on each and every job!

* By clicking you acknowledge you have read and agree to all the Terms and Conditions outlined above.

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Tom Grosh (L), owner of Grosh's Lawn Service received a Certificate of Merit Award from Washington County Commissioners by Commissioner President Terry Baker on January 31, 2012

- Tom Grosh Receives Certificate of Merit Award for 2012

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