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American Flag
At Grosh’s Lawn Service, we take our FREEDOM very seriously. The struggles our fore-fathers went through to allow each and every one of us to enjoy the freedom that we have today are to be remembered and shared with the future generations. If the brave men and woman did not put their country first, we would not be the greatest nation in the world. By having an American Flag flying each day, we remember all the service men and women who sacrificed their lives for us. 

Part of this freedom is in GOD WE TRUST and we have to remember that this is what made this country strong because of our faith in GOD. How does it make you feel when you ride by a church and see that they have an American flag waving in the breeze? I know that it makes me surge with a sense of pride for our country.

One way that you can honor the USA is to fly the American Flag. We are pleased to offer a 20Ft Aluminum flag pole with a Valley Forged (Made in the USA) sewn nylon flag. The flag pole comes with a gold ball for the top and all the accessories needed to fly Old Glory. The 20Ft kit is our most popular model. We do offer other types and styles of flags and poles. We also offer a solar light for your flag so that you can leave your American flag up and show the proper respect by having a light on your flag at night. 

Take all the hassle out of getting your new flag pole installed and allow Grosh’s Lawn Service to install the flag pole for you. We can also install a new landscape bed around your flag pole to help accent your landscape with unique flowers that will bloom at different times of the season to allow the bed to look its best all season long.

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Grosh's Lawn Service Tip of the Week # 287 October 13, 2019

You want to stay proactive and keep up with removing any weeds in your landscape beds here in October because there is still time for the weeds to mature and allow the weeds to drop seeds which will germinate next year creating a bigger weed issue in your landscape beds here in the Hagerstown MD area.

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