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The Benefits of Brush Cutting and Brush Removal Services from Grosh’s Lawn Service

While it is easy and costs nothing in the short term there is no benefit to allowing brush, poison ivy, wild vines and wild trees to grow and flourish at your home, office, church and commercial property here in Hagerstown MD. 

Here is our list of the benefits of brush cutting / clearing and brush removal for your property. 

Pro: By having the brush cut and the brush removed you are having the overall appearance of your property enhanced. 

Pro: You are reclaiming the area(s) that the wild trees, vines, poison ivy and brush has overtaken and you will now have an area(s) for possible storage, a new shed, a garden, employee break area or lawn depending on the area and surrounding landscape. 

Pro: Removal of Invasive and Non-Native Trees: Norway Maple, Russian Olive, Autumn Olive, White Mulberry, Princess Tree, Ailanthus Tree 

Pro: Removal of Invasive and Non-Native Vines:  Porcelain Berry, Oriental Bittersweet, English Ivy, Japanese Honeysuckle, Mile-a-minute Vine, Kudzu, Vinca, Periwinkle, Japanese Wisteria 

Pro: Removal of Invasive and Non-Native Shrubs and Small Trees: Japanese Barberry, Winged Euonymus, Blunt-leaved Privet, Japanese Honeysuckle, Japanese Spirea 

Pro: Removal of Invasive and Non-Native Herbaceous Plants: Purple Loosestrife, Lesser Celandine, Buttercup 

Pro: Removal of Invasive and Non-Native Grasses: Pampas Grass, Japanese knotweed, Japanese Silver Grass 

Pro: The neighbors will be happy as your property will be less inviting to rodents and wild animals like skunks, racoons and opossums. 

Pro: Removing Poison Ivy keeps the poison ivy from growing larger and flourishing creating a bigger hazard and the possibility of coming in contact with the poison ivy. 

Pro: By having the brush removed from your property there is less likelihood that snakes will be attracted to your property.

Pro: No issues with Yellow Jackets, ground wasps or other stinging insects once the area is cleaned up. 

Pro: Keeps the wild trees, brush and vines from growing in, through and over your fence and causing damage to your fence. 

Pro: By removing the unwanted wild trees, poison ivy, shrubs and other vines you keep them from maturing and going to seed creating an even bigger problem down the road from seed germination in other areas of your property and your neighbors properties. 

Pro: The rule of thumb is the bigger the trees, shrubs and vines the more difficult the job and the bigger the bill for removal of the unwanted trees, vines and shrubs. 

Removing all of the piles of debris from the down tree limbs over the season or winter enhances the overall appeal of your property and makes you property pleasing to the eye.

So get professional help with your brush cutting and brush removal services contact Grosh's Lawn Service by e-mail to schedule your brush cutting and brush removal consultation.

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Grosh's Lawn Service Tip of the Week # 284 September 22, 2019

When should you take your hummingbird feeders down here in the Hagerstown MD area?

A common myth says that if you leave your feeders up too long, hummingbirds will fail to migrate. This is simply not true. Hummingbirds migrate due to environmental cues. Every so often some will overwinter in Maryland. These birds either were blown off course or are inexperienced youngsters.

After October 1st, if you don't see any signs of hummingbirds visiting for 2 weeks, then it is usually safe to take down your feeders.

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