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Drought Tolerant Plants & Garden Flowers

Are you looking for plants that will stand up to drought and dry periods, and keep looking beautiful?

Below is a list of drought-tolerant plants you can choose for your landscape and garden. Please note that these plants only become drought-tolerant once they are fully established; when they’re first planted, they need to be watered as much as non-drought-tolerant plants, so they can survive and thrive during those vulnerable early years.


Coreopsis Verticillata
Russian Sage
* Epimedium
Miscanthis (but not other ornamental grass)

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Tip # 284

Grosh's Lawn Service Tip of the Week # 284 September 22, 2019

When should you take your hummingbird feeders down here in the Hagerstown MD area?

A common myth says that if you leave your feeders up too long, hummingbirds will fail to migrate. This is simply not true. Hummingbirds migrate due to environmental cues. Every so often some will overwinter in Maryland. These birds either were blown off course or are inexperienced youngsters.

After October 1st, if you don't see any signs of hummingbirds visiting for 2 weeks, then it is usually safe to take down your feeders.

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