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We use Grosh’s Lawn Service Landscape Design Consultation Agreement for all landscape consultations. After the Landscape Design Consultation Agreement has been accepted, signed and paid for in full we follow up with our Grosh's Lawn Service Landscape Consultation Questionnaire. 

We have some questions to make sure we are a good fit and that you are looking for the type of services we offer to our clients. We have found that when new clients invest their time in telling us as much information beforehand, we can prepare for the initial landscape consultation.

Payment and Signed Agreement:
A signed agreement accompanied by payment for the initial $95.00 fee is required for all Landscape Design Consultations with Grosh’s Lawn Service.

Grosh’s Lawn Service offers custom landscape design build services to the Washington County Maryland area for residential and commercial properties. Just as each landscape project is unique as the property this allows our creativity to stand out on each landscape project that we complete for our commercial and residential clients. We take the time to evaluate your property and then listen to your wants, dreams and desires to design the landscape that will add value to your investment and be functional for everyday use with your outdoor space. We select quality plants that are acclimated to our region of the country so that the plants all will thrive in this local environment. We then make suggestions so that you can make an informed and intelligent decisions in regards to your landscape project.

Landscapes That Are Already Established

For established residential and commercial landscape we offer landscape renovation with shrub and tree removal with stump grinding to start with a clean slate allowing all the new trees, flowers and shrubs to grow and flourish at the same stages of life. We also remove any existing landscape stone, dyed landscape mulch, old landscape fabric and any bed edging that may be installed. After all the removal is completed, the landscape plants are selected from our nursery and they are delivered to the job site for Tom and the team at Grosh’s Lawn Service to layout to make sure that the spacing is correct and that the landscape has the flow and design that enhances our clients home or commercial property before planting. We finish up the landscape renovation with bed edging and mulching to accent the landscape and our clients property.

Contact Grosh's Lawn Service now by e-mail to schedule your landscape renovation design build consultation.

New Home Landscape

For new homes we like to be part of the design process of your new home so that you and your property do not get stuck with the builders landscape. You are thinking what is a “Builders Landscape”. A builders landscape is where no consideration is given to the sidewalk and landscape beds. The sidewalk from the driveway to the front door is the shortest distance as to use the least amount of materials and time and not considering the size of the landscape beds or adding some flair to the sidewalk design. Most builders landscape also use sub standard soil for back filling leaving the grass and landscape beds to struggle for survival because of the sub standard soil and the lack of quality topsoil. The survival of your landscape plants begins with the quality of the topsoil in the lawn and landscape beds.

By having Grosh’s Lawn Service a part of the design build we will also make sure that your landscape beds are the proper size to allow the plants the best growing environment. Most builders landscapes push the landscape beds up close to the houses foundation and not considering’s the plants mature size creating an issue a few years down the road with overgrown shrubs. We also find most builders landscape push the plants back under the drip edge of the home not allowing the plants to receive adequate natural moisture.

The builders landscapes also uses the same shrubs throughout the development so everyone’s homes has the same types of shrubs. We believe life is about variety and color in our landscape design build projects.

Let's think outside the box and design a landscape and sidewalk that will enhance the curb appeal of your home and offer some much needed flair to your home.

Contact Grosh's Lawn Service now by e-mail to schedule your new home landscape design build consultation.

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Landscape Design Build Contractor 

Let us create something that does not yet exist for your home.

We take our God given talent of being able to take what our minds create and then bring to life with our hands something that had not yet existed.

Contact Karen and Tom Grosh of Grosh's Lawn Service today at to schedule your landscape design build consultation here in the Hagerstown MD area, Washington County Maryland and the tri-state area.

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