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We want you to continue the great job (landscaping and snow removal) for Ann G. on Crofton Road.

John G.
Crofton Road
Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County Maryland
January 2, 2019
Huge shout out to Grosh's Lawn Service!
Last week my husband emailed them about a onetime service. We needed some help with the lawn due to the arrival of our little girl, all the rain, and just not being able to catch up. This past weekend they mowed, trimmed, and even moved the patio furniture to clean up the weeds and all between the pavers. The whole shabang! Our yard looks OUTSTANDING!
They sent an email to see if we were satisfied with their services. Of course, we were! Our yard has never looked so good! Thank you Grosh's for what you did for our family and our yard! Words cannot express how thankful we are for your kindness and generosity!!!

Courtney Caplinger
Garrow Drive
Clear Spring MD 21722
Washington County Maryland
September 19, 2018
Anyone looking for a lawn service- we highly recommend Grosh's!
While they do not usually do one-time services - they do regularly care for our neighbor's lawn, as well as our grandparent's lawn and it is always on point!

Your team did an amazing job! We are beyond satisfied, everything looks outstanding!... my mother in law even said "it's the best your yard has ever looked". We are so thankful that you could get that done for us on such short notice. I will absolutely tell everyone I know about how good your team does. I will speak with my wife about what to do about the bagworms.

Sincerely Joe Caplinger
Garrow Drive
Clear Spring MD 21722
Washington County Maryland
September 16, 2018
Hi Tom,

Everything looks great! I can't stop looking at it. We rode around the block twice tonight just to look at it. I just love the little trees, the flower bed in front of the window with the stones, and especially the pet cemeteries.

Thank you all. We love it! Hope to see you in the Spring for a touch up and next Fall for a cleanup. Thanks again!

Jeanne Ward
September 9, 2018

You certainly do an outstanding job mowing the lawn and have earned several very nice compliments from our neighbors!

Thanks, Tom, for all you do to make it possible for us to stay here in this house!

Eileen F.
Hagerstown MD 21740
Washington County Maryland
August 18, 2018
Good afternoon William,

Was everything completed to your satisfaction?

Yes. Very much so. You and your staff did an excellent job and you cleaned up so well it's like you were never here. That's a compliment. Anyone can cut and prune trees and shrubs. The cleanup is the hard part. And my wife is still laughing about the one lady who asked if it would be ok to pull out a weed. We hadn't really asked you for that. Bottom line, we are very satisfied. Thanks

William Barr
Lorraine Terrace
Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County Maryland
August 17. 2018
Hi Tom,

The mulching looks terrific! Thank you for taking pride in your work, the end product is truly a masterpiece. You went far beyond all my expectations and gave my wife and I something to cherish. Thank you for making such a positive impact.

Shad Hamilton
View Street
Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County Maryland
July 8, 2018
Hi Tom,

My Aunt's yard looks fantastic! She loves all you've done. Thank you, I can't wait to see the "after" shot of our yard when you get through with it.

Shad H.
Potomac Ave.Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County Maryland
June 9, 2018
Hi Tom,

Thanks for once again making our yard a beautiful place to be! I appreciated your time this morning and I researched a bit more on the Red Horse Chestnut, and it is a fruit-bearing tree.

I think you've given new hope to the crape myrtle. Al and I kept going back and forth about the best way to deal with it, and fingers are crossed that it will come back strong.

Have a great weekend.

Terri G.
John Martin Drive
Williamsport MD 21795
Washington County Maryland
June 9, 2018
Hi Tom,

The lawn looks fantastic! Y'all did a great job . . . I know it was quite the mess! Monday's are fine. Would you be able to let me know how much today's service was, due to the extra work? Thanks so much, I'm very pleased!

Katie M.
Barnhart Road
Clear Spring MD
Washington County Maryland
May 15, 2018
Tom and crew do the best work!! Sooo pleased with my flower beds!

Nicki King
Hagerstown Maryland 21742
Washington County Maryland
May 16, 2018
Hello Tom,

I wanted to let you know that we have not yet taken care of that broken limb in the yard. I was getting estimates (and dragging my feet).

Jeanine just sold the lot this week for us! Yeah! It's been 9 years since we moved so we are feeling very blessed!

Accordingly, we will no longer be needing to have the lawn mowed after May 30th. I'm not even sure if you've been able to mow with the limbs down.

Thank you for your faithful excellent service all of these years. We have been blessed by your service, understanding of delays from Canada :), and keeping us informed with what you saw happening on the lot.

We will definitely recommend you to family and friends in the area as the opportunity arrives.

Mary and Lou Bielmann
Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County MD
May 3, 2018
I want to give a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to Tom Grosh and Grosh's Lawn Service for helping one of our BLUE Family members. Our PSA for MCPD is married to a retired MCP Officer, and she herself has 30 years of service. She contacted Grosh's to get a quote for lawn service due to her lawn tractor breaking down. Chris spends a lot of time tending to her husband who is dealing with medical issues and was just looking for a break until she could acquire a new mower. Not only did Tom listen and provide a quote, but he came out and cut her property for free, giving her time to get a new tractor!

Her words in a text "God does mysterious things! The owner of Grosh's lawn just came and did my lawn for free to give me some time!"

THANK YOU Tom Grosh! You are a class act my friend!!!! I know it means a lot to her and her BLUE family!

Mark Kopp
Clear Spring MD
Washington County Maryland
April 12, 2018
Grosh's just did our mulch last week and it looks fantastic! They are always dependable and totally meticulous with the work they do. Thank you Tom for always making the yard look so good! If you need mulching or any lawn care service, call Tom and his team!

Brenda White
Hagerstown MD
Washington County Maryland
April 11, 2018 
Good morning Tom,

We will not be needing services this year. We will like to do it ourselves this year.
This is not a reflection on your team. The company has been outstanding with service to us as your customers. We are pleased with the attention to our lawn you have given us.

Albert Day
Hagerstown MD
Washington County MD
March 14, 2018
Hi, Tom,

The clean-up was great; I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the little sticks, as well as the big branches, were all cleared away. Thanks for such thorough work. :-)

Kind regards,
Jean D.
Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County Maryland
March 1, 2018
I actually moved recently so I won't be renewing this. I plan on mowing at my current residence but if I end up needing any lawn care you will definitely be my first call. You've always done fantastic work!

Brian Kephart
Hagerstown MD 21740
Washington County Maryland
March 1, 2018
Hi Tom,

I want to thank you so much for your service over the last couple years. My plan is to mow my own yard this year --I had shoulder surgery in the fall and I hope to be able to get back out there myself. You have done such an excellent job and it's very tempting to just let you take care of it for me.

I will definitely keep you in mind if later I decide that it's just too much for me. And if friends ask, I will be sure to refer them to you.

Thanks again for your meticulous care and hard work,
Brenda M.
Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County Maryland
February 8, 2018
Thank you once again for taking care of our driveways. You mentioned that you are doing as God has told you. Do you also realize that you are our angel sent from God to help us. Thanks so much for caring. We love you and wish somehow, we could do something for you and the family.

Smedley & Elvira L.
Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County Maryland
January 18, 2018

Thanks for all the hard work you perform at Cherry Tree Circle. I appreciate it and know that I don't have to worry about a nice-looking lawn free of debris and bugs! Thanks again and I look forward to another great year.

Have A Great Day!

Mrs. Becky A.
Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County Maryland
January 3, 2018

Thanks for the great services you provided to Ann Garrott on Crofton Road in Hagerstown in 2017. Please continue with snow removal this winter and please forward by email, the contract for services for 2018 at your convenience.

Happy New Year and all the best in 2018.

John Garrott
Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County Maryland
January 3, 2018
Gosh Tom. What a wonderful surprise!! You and your family sure has lifted our hearts today!! The tears are still flowing. Thank you for thinking of us.

The entire family giving to us has surely made us feel humble. You have brought the sun back into our lives by caring for us. Thanks so much. Love you all and may God bless you one hundred-fold.

Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County Maryland
November 24, 2017
Ok, thank you and your crew for the wonderful work you did.

Gene A
Westfields Hagerstown MD 21740
Washington County Maryland
My yard was a mess with overgrown grass and a bunch of leaves. This group of great professionals did an amazing job! I couldn't ask for anyone better!!

Jennifer Wyland
Google Review
Brightwood Acres
Hagerstown MD 21740
Washington County Maryland
Tom, good afternoon!

Betty was here, and she did a wonderful job today! The whole place looks great and all is ready for winter. Your whole team does such good work! I really appreciate the effort and conscientious work you do.

Mrs. Eileen F.
Hagerstown MD 21740
Washington County Maryland
October 27, 2017

My house sold so I'm going to cancel the service. Please send my final invoice. I appreciate everything you have done for me. I really think your service was instrumental in getting it sold. Thank you very much.

Brandon Brown
Clear Spring MD 21722
Washington County Maryland
July 22, 2017
Hi there! So in love with our new flower beds....have received lots of compliments! In fact, I forwarded your contact info to our HOA president as he is looking for estimates to do some work up in the front of our neighborhood.

Thanks much,

Nicki S.
Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County Maryland
June 29, 2017
OH my goodness!!! You and your crew are AWESOME!! John sent me pictures and he as soooo impressed with your speed and workmanship - we are both kind of speechless! Thanks again! Can't wait to get home to see it in person!

Terri N.
May 20, 2017
Good Morning Tom!

I assume you got the machines running again since I received your generous check! I hope you can get some good use out of them and I'm happy they found a great home! Thank you so much!

Terri N
Google Search
June 20, 2017
We have had a few visitors to our home lately and have received a ton of Wows on your revival of our landscaping! I feel super blessed to have found you and your fabulous and outstanding crew. Blue ribbons, hugs and thank you all around!

Still smiling!

Mr. Grosh and his team arrived right on time and worked straight through to give me a beautiful yard. Your work was beyond my expectations. The shrubs and trees have never looked so good, thank you, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Mrs. Sheree Sheridan
Facebook Review
Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County MD
May 8, 2017
Extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Tom also takes the time to listen to your concerns and then works with you on a plan acceptable to all. Very easy to work with in every way.

Darrin Snodderly
Hagerstown MD
May 6, 2017
I am so pleased with you and your helpers. You are so "Johnny on the spot". My place looks wonderful. You go above and beyond in your service. THANK YOU! God Bless you and your crew.

Jennifer Hammond
15604 National Pike Hagerstown MD
April 8, 2017
Thanks, Tom! We appreciate how beautiful you keep our yard looking!

Terri G.
Williamsport MD
Washington County Maryland
May 8, 2017
Excellent job. Nice job cleaning up. Thanks for mowing. Very impressed.

Ted W.
Clear Spring MD
March 29, 2017
Tom- I would like you to continue to take care of the mowing and landscaping needs for this year. Thank you for the excellent job and care for my mother in the past and what you will do in the future.

Joe Schnebly
Clear Spring MD
March 30, 2017
Dear Mr. Grosh: My wife and I can't thank you enough for your prompt, professional and quality service and clean up on our maple tree. We both feel much better when we have our grandchildren and/or family or friends and know that section of our yard is now safe. Once again thank you and be assured we will gladly refer you to any of our friends, family and neighbors to provide your quality and professional expertise.

Tim & Judy Butts
My experience over 10+ years with Grosh's Lawn Service has been great! They have always taken care of my lawn and went over and above the service that I had purchased from them.

Jeff Martin
Have used Grosh's Lawn Service several times and been delighted with the quality of work, the helpful and pleasant service - ready to engage their services again when needed!

Jim Moshe
They were timely and did a wonderful job on my lawn. It was the quickest I have seen my lawn get done in my life. I would recommend them to all my friends and family.

David W.
Your crew has done a great job; the yard looks better than it has in three years. Happy Thanksgiving.

Linda Hanes
Hagerstown MD 21740
Washington County Maryland
Good morning Tom,

I meant to send an email to you last night----I love the landscape bed and I am anxious to see it against new green grass when the lilies are blooming. That ugly front entrance has bothered me for 2-3 years, so I am delighted!!

Thanks for the new clematis' hopefully they will thrive.

You are taking the time to send these emails is a compliment to you and your business (Grosh's Lawn Service). We really appreciate it.

You have a very good weekend.


Jeanni M
Hi Tom,

I'm truly impressed with how quickly you got back to me with this.

We would like to accept this and proceed from here. What do we need to do to get things started?

Thank you! Deidra
"What a wonderful experience Chad and I had on Saturday picking out our landscaping plants!!!!! Grosh's Lawn Service is the BEST....I highly recommend your business.... you and your wife are so knowledgeable and helped us make the perfect decisions....can't wait to see the finished product!!!!!!!!!!"

Chad & Tracey
My daughter, Leslie, suggested that I contact Tom to look at our ugly, bare spotted lawn. The lawn needed some drastic improvements. I also wanted some mulching done for my flower beds. When Tom arrived to begin the mulching, he brought his entourage along and in no time, those "crazy" mulching people transformed my flower beds into gorgeous FLOWER BEDS- just perfect! The lawn was next. I was fearful that the lawn would be a tremendous challenge. I should have known better. I now have that plush looking lawn that so many people comment on. Today, I am a walking advertisement for Grosh's Lawn Service. Thanks Tom for the beautiful work done.

Camille Hendrickson
Tom and the team from Grosh's Lawn Service are phenomenal! They are extremely knowledgeable and professional, whether providing lawn maintenance or landscaping services. I highly recommend them to anyone in the Hagerstown area.

Tom has provided service to both my mother and grandmother for more than ten years and our entire family couldn't be happier with the results.

Courtney Smith
Grosh's Lawn Service: We have used Tom Grosh for our yard service since 1998. We own two houses in Sharpsburg, MD one is a rental and the other is a second home. When we purchased the second home the backyard was a real jungle.

Cal Fairbourn who owned the INN at ANTIETAM recommended Tom Grosh for the job. He turned this jungle into a very nice back yard.

Our rental had the same problem the tenants never took care of the yard and it too was a jungle. Tom and his crew cleaned up this jungle and made it into a real yard.

We live in California and when you are 3000 miles from your property you need some who is dependable, honest and someone you can trust.

We also had a very large tree that was in danger of falling on our second home. I asked Tom if he could handle this job and he said he could.

The job was completed just as he promised.

Therefore, we use Tom Grosh and his crew to maintain our yards. No matter when we go back to Sharpsburg the yards are well kept and if he sees something that needs addition he informs us.

William & Thora Robertson
Napa California
Hey Tom,

Wanted to touch base. My tenant sent me some pictures and my wife, and I are both incredibly happy and impressed with what we've seen. Well done Sir! I had full confidence in you based on our interactions and even more confidence when family friends of my wife, John and Ruth Mills, offered up some praise as well.

I look forward to putting eyes on it Monday.

I'll touch base with you next week.

Warmest regards

Hagerstown MD
Washington County Maryland
Tom and his crew have been taking care of my lawn needs for 20 years. They mow my lawn, put down mulch when needed, create flower beds for me and even check my gutters. I have always found them to do a wonderful job. They are dependable, and I would recommend their work to anyone in need of lawn service.

Anita White
Grosh's Lawn Service has been mowing our lawn for the past two years always looks great Tom and his Crew are very professional and courteous we always get great comments on how well it looks I would recommend contacting Grosh Lawn Service to anyone give them a try you will love how well your yard is taken care of.

Bob and Bonnie Smith
Grosh's Lawn Service has been providing my lawn care for more than 5 years and the service is and continues to be excellent. Tom and his crew provide me with lawn mowing, lawn treatments, and other services upon request such as mulching, fertilizing and shrub trimming. I am extremely satisfied with their services. Tom and his team are always professional, courteous, and provide excellent customer service. I would recommend Grosh's Lawn Service to anyone, they are worth the investment!

Patti T. on Google
Thank you Tom and crew for all the hard work you've done over the past several years. Not only does our lawn look fantastic, but now with the leaves falling I truly appreciate your clean up around the shrubs, patio and flowers beds. You guys are GREAT!

Barbara Winebrenner
Hi! To say the least I was absolutely thrilled when I came down the bridge and saw the leaves were gone from in front of the ivy. When I pulled in the drive and saw the yard I was very pleased. I talked to my daughter this afternoon and told her how very happy I was with my clean yard. My back also says, "thank you!" All the work that has been done on my yard this year has been more than I ever expected. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Linda Turner
Hagerstown MD 21740
Washington County Maryland
Excellent job Tom! We look forward to working with you in the future.

Sid Huguenin
Hagerstown MD 21742
Washington County Maryland.

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