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Spring Cleanup & Fall Cleanup Services

Spring & Fall Clean Up

If you want to get rid of the debris from winter and fall and have a clean, beautiful lawn, our Spring and Fall Clean Up will make that happen.

Spring clean up is done in March (as weather allows), and the fall clean up is done in October / November. We blow all debris, like leaves & tree limbs, loose, so it can be cleaned up easily. Then we remove it from around buildings, under decks, landscape beds, driveways along curbs, & sidewalks. Once we’ve gathered it up, we then haul all the debris away, leaving your home looking fresh and beautiful.

Spring & Fall Gutter Cleaning

If your gutters are not properly maintained, rain water can run off onto your siding, leading to permanent damage or stains on your walls. Your spouting can also become moldy and/or rotten due to clogged spouting & down spouts.

Clean gutters & down spouts are also necessary to channel rain water away from your house’s foundation, preventing erosion and damage. We recommend that your gutters be cleaned every spring & fall.

Just give us a call, and we will keep your spouting & down spouts open so that your walls and foundation remain in good condition.

Property Management

If you live out-of-state, or you’re away from home on a seasonal basis, we can offer year-round or seasonal property management to maintain your property and give you peace of mind.

While managing your property, we will perform a weekly or monthly walk-through of your home to check for heating/cooling failures, plumbing leaks, and any other unforeseen problems. We will send you a report by e-mail when the service is complete.

Grosh’s Lawn Service can take care of your every need to ensure that your property is well looked after while you’re away. We can supply you with a list of all of the pre-selected local subcontractors with whom we work on a weekly basis, including housekeeping, window washing, roofers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, heating/cooling (HVAC), and tree removal.

We know these contractors personally, and have worked with them for many years, so we know that they’ll take excellent care of the property you entrust to us.

Do you know someone who you would like to help clean their gutters for them to make their life a little easier and one less worry for them, or who your organization would like to donate one to?

Call Grosh’s Lawn Service at (301) 842-0062, or e-mail us for a free consultation and estimate.

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There are more than 30 million acres of lawns in the United States

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Grosh's Lawn Service Tip of the Week # 271 June 23, 2019

Now that we are at the end of June and the beginning of summer here in the Hagerstown MD area and the spring rains have stopped watering of your plants should become a priority as the annuals will not survive without the proper amount of water almost on a daily basis.

Make sure you keep your newly planted trees, flowers and shrubs watered as well.

Contact Tom today at for more ways to help your trees, flowers and shrubs alive and healthy over the long, hot and dry summer here in Washington County Maryland.

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